Have you ever wished that you could embed another Web page in your wiki page, complete with interactive links? Or maybe you'd like to reference an image or paragraph without actually cutting and pasting? Kwout.com might be an answer. (See samples interspersed on this page.)

First, go to the Web page you want to embed. Make sure it is a unique URL (for example, it doesn't work with Wordle because every Wordle is made with the same URL). Copy the URL.

Now go to Kwout.com . Paste the URL into the box.and click the KWOUT button.

Now you'll get a screenshot of the inputted URL's page.

Highlight the section of the page you want to use (no more than 600 pixels x 600 pixels) and click CUT OUT. You can also tweak the settings

On the next screen, highlight the URL. Then to go your wiki page and click WIDGET > OTHER HTML and paste the text. (You can also go to HTML formatting in your blog and paste the code in).

Save your page. Voila! You get a screenshot, and any links from the original page remain active on the Kwout screenshot. Plus, Kwout auto-creates a link to the original page at the bottom of the screenshot. Enjoy (and check out this cool audio boo project described in the sample screenshot below)!

KF 5/18/2010